David B Midgley was born and raised in Blackpool; he studied at the Blackpool Technical College & School of Art, where he gained his National Diploma in Design.

He worked in several Manchester advertising agencies before joining the CWS as an exhibition designer. After moving to Manchester he became a freelance graphic designer for many years (trading as David Brian), producing work for London and Manchester agencies, printers and publishers; this was mainly in the fields of calligraphy, cartoons and children's book illustration where he often created page layouts and ideas to help other artists to follow through to completion.

Since returning to the Fylde coast David has been concentrating on a series of depictions of 'Bygone Blackpool', taken from sketches he made as a student. He also enjoys abstract painting, his works showing the far reaches of his imagination and his love of colour.

BB1 Blackpool's Heyday
30" x 24"

BB2 The Rock Shack
20" x 16"

BB3 Beemused
20" x 16"

BB4 Fishy Business
20" x 16"

BB5 Ups 'n Downs
20" x 16"

BB6 Pie Shop
20" x 16"

BB7(b) Showtime
21" x 15"

BB8 Talbot Square
16" x 20"

BB9 Mrs Hodkinson's B&B
16" x 20"

BB10 The Local Offie
16" x 20"

BB11 The Butty Shop
16" x 20"

BB12 Victorian Sunscreen
16" x 20"

BB13 Hothouse
16" x 20"

BB14 Hippodrome
20" x 16"

BB15 The Palace
20" x 16"

BB16 Blackpool Tower (aerial)
14" x 9 ¾"

BB17 Blackpool Tower
9 ¾" x 14"

BB18 Corner House Cafe
9 ¾" x 14"

BB19 Feldmans
14" x 9 ¾"

BB20 King Edward Cinema
14" x 9 ¾"

BB21 Noah's Ark
14" x 9 ¾"

BB22 North Station
14" x 9 ¾"

BB23 Open Air Baths
14" x 9 ¾"

BB24 Palatine Hotel
14" x 9 ¾"

BB25 Stead Shaving Saloon
14" x 9 ¾"

BB26 Talbot Square
14" x 9 ¾"

BB27 The Grand Hotel
14" x 9 ¾"

AB13 Enlightenment

AB10 Windowscape

AB9 Bedazzled

AB12 Reflection

AB6 Cumbrian Cascade

Cumbria 01

Cumbria 02

Cumbria 03

Cumbria 04

Cumbria 05

Cumbria 06

AB5 Golden Mile

AB1 Jazz on a Summer's Day

AB2 Labyrinth

AB3 Charisma

Lytham Windmill

The Pier, St Annes

St Annes Road West

The Library, St Annes

West Pier, Brighton

The promenade, Brighton

Brighton, near the station

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